Falling Through April formed in 2011 and its members — consisting of Jim Siani, Dave Piontek, Taylor Foster, Dan Candia — have already cleared a lot of hurdles to just get here today. That means everything from exploding transmissions and ghosting vocalists to nearby celebratory gun fire landing Taylor in the hospital. When charismatic front woman Mikaela Salazar stepped into their lives, however, in 2016, all of those obstacles were removed, and things started to change.

In early-2017, Falling Through April packed up and headed off to Nashville, Tennessee for a several month’s long recording binge with producer and friend Jon King (Augustana, Darling Parade). The result was their album, Zodiac, which was released back in 2018 and shows the band digging through all of their various influences, pulling inspiration from acts like Incubus all the way to Halsey.

Now, after countless tours with bands like Theory of a Deadman, Pop Evil, The Pretty Reckless, and more, the band is continuously gaining their following and pushing forward.

Substream is exited to team up with Falling Through April to bring you the new music video for their song “Recover // Relapse.”

“‘Recover // Relapse’ is about any and all addictions we individually face. As badly as we want to fight and break the desire to escape by numbing or distracting ourselves by abusing substances and sometimes people, something in us just wants to take the easy way out and give up. Recovery isn’t as easy as talking to someone about your struggles and the ugliest part is facing who we see in the mirror,” explains Mikaela. “So when I wrote ‘R//R,’ I wanted to express and release the pain I’ve held onto when I identified myself with the person I was when I chose to run away from my broken life rather than standing strong and finding hope in a new day. Sometimes it takes time after time to get it right. So nobody should feel bad about relapsing, at least we are brave enough to take steps before it’s too late”

The new Falling Through April video was directed by Alex Hieder, to which Mikaela shares “Filming ‘Recover Relapse’ was an amazing experience. The topic was heavy, but everyone kept it light. Even getting stranded in the rain couldn’t keep us down. Alex was calm and collected with incredible focus. Seeing the idea come to life was exciting and disturbing, revealing a world hard to see and even harder to ignore.”

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