When you’re feeling the positive energy in your life, it’s the best sensation in the world. You might think attaining that positivity is the last step in the journey, but there’s much more to it. You have to work to maintain that energy. In addition, what good is positivity if you don’t spread it around to the people who might need it most? Not helping to lift people up after someone did the same for you is pretty selfish. LA pop artist Jess Weimer knows this, and she shared the message of good vibes in her latest single “Glass Tower.” The lesson from “Glass Tower” gets a more literal interpretation in the music video, which we’re premiering here this morning.

The “Glass Tower” video takes place in a black box theater-type setting, which instantly makes it cool. Weimer and her group of dancers are dressed all in black, almost blending into the background besides their faces. What keeps them standing out is the orbs of light they’re all holding and dancing with. It doesn’t take long to figure out these lights symbolize the positivity all posses. It’s an effective medium to communicate the point of “Glass Tower” and watching these lone beacons of light pass through the darkness as the choreography unfolds makes for a neat visual flair.

Weimer put a lot of thought into the symbolism in the music video. She says “The video serves as an expansion pack to the song, in a sense, because the choreography conveys the message that we’re stronger when we claim our own light and when we empower each other. That’s added onto the message of the song–no one is entitled to take anyone else’s power or feel above anyone else.”

Watch Jess Weimer in the video for “Glass Tower,” then go out and share your light.