There are a lot of factors that go into a successful relationship. Each person has to put in real effort and genuine feelings to make things work. That’s the big part, but there are a host of smaller things that can influence it as well. An underrated aspect people can often forget about is timing. Each person has to be in a healthy, open head space in order for things to work out. Many of us have stories of a relationship that could have been, but the stars just never aligned in the right way. It can be tough, and Canadian artist X. Ari understands that. She’s channeled that experience into new single “Something,” which is premiering right her on Substream (we previously premiered her excellent track “Stay v Go”).

X. Ari performs an impressive emotional balancing act on “Something.” Musically, it’s one of her most sensitive, measured tracks to date. The combination of more acoustic elements to go along with the pop productions that have been her trademark works beautifully and creates exciting new possibilities going forward. Lyrically, she covers everything you would want to do in a scenario like this. There’s sadness that the relationship can’t work out right now, but there’s never any judgement of the other person. Instead, “Something” is an ultimately hopeful experience that love can find a way to blossom.

“Something” was inspired by a real person. X. Ari says “‘Something’ is a story about a friend of mine. It’s a heartfelt lament to a lover who’s not quite ready for their love yet and it’s riddled with hope that one day the stars will align and allow them to be together in some capacity in the future.”

You don’t have to wait until the future to feel the love from “Something.” Stream X. Ari‘s new track below.