No one wins all the time. Every single person on the planet goes through rough patches, weeks where things just don’t work out, and times where crying just feels like the best option. Social media would have you believe otherwise, though? The whole idea of social media leads to people omitting anything they don’t want to show people, leaving us with some seriously skewed views that can contribute to imposter syndrome and generally feeling down about ourselves. LA’s Kara Connolly is sick of it. The singer-songwriter wants us to embrace the rough edges and the truth, and is conveying that message in her new track “Highlight Reel,” taken from her debut album Life in Rear View.

With its sunshiny guitar chords and perfect pop clapping, “Highlight Reel” is a delight from the get-go. While Connolly laments the insincerity of what appears on social media, there’s a gentleness to the track that makes it special. She’s not demanding that we have to tell the world everything, instead gently encouraging listeners that it’s okay to be more vulnerable and to show compassion when people do share some of their insecurities and struggles. Even when the electric guitar comes in and the production grows bolder, there’s still a softness and a caring understanding on “Highlight Reel” that really shines. “Highlight Reel” is Connolly’s warm way of telling us that it’s okay to struggle.

“Highlight Reel” came from a place all of us on social media are familiar with. Connolly says

“‘Highlight Reel’ was inspired by the lives that we curate on social media while trying to keep up or make it look like we’ve got it all figured out. It’s ultimately about learning to let go of that carefully crafted image we project in order to embrace vulnerability, connect deeper with those around us, and become more of who we are. I wrote this song as a reminder that true connections are made possible when we open up, are transparent with one another, and show what’s not on our highlight reel, whether online or at dinner with a friend.”

Give “Highlight Reel” a listen below. You can check out the rest of Kara Connolly’s debut album Life in Rear View when it drops this Friday, May 17.