2019 has been an excellent year for music, especially when it comes to artists making returns after previous album cycles or tours. Joining that list is New York duo Phantogram, who after sharing third album Three in 2016 dropped new track “Into Happiness” just a few weeks ago. The pair–made up of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter–are wasting no time sharing music now, as they shared another new track, titled “Mister Impossible,” today.

You know you’re getting a full experience on a Phantogram song, and “Mister Impossible” is no different. A warbling synth brings the intro to life, and booming drums back the vocals to give a sense of enormity when listening. A more modern beat kicks in shortly after that which spice up the song in an interesting manner. Barthel and Carter both wrote and produced, and all of “Mister Impossible” carries the unmistakable thrill and electricity of their talent.

The pair explained the story behind “Mister Impossible” in a statement, explaining:

“‘Mister Impossible’ was a song title we had in mind for a long time before it was written. We started working on it in the studio we built over the last year in Laurel Canyon, which we call Harmony West — we haven’t had our own workspace since Harmony Lodge [the barn where the band made their first couple albums in upstate New York], and it’s been so inspiring to have the opportunity once again to create music in our own space. Then we went out to Joshua Tree this last spring to work at Rancho de la Luna, where the recording really came together — some of the most fun we’ve had making music in a long time.”

You can listen to “Mister Impossible” below. As we’ve previously covered, Phantogram will be hitting the road starting next week, with one dollar from every ticket going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Tour dates and tickets can be found on their website.