Nasty Cherry have released a new song— “Live Forever”.

Following on from the searing success of their last two (first ever) singles “Win” and “What Do You Like In Me”— both wonderful ways to start the spring, and summer, respectively— the raucous girl-band have taken to the studio for yet another go at bringing sweet music to our ears. Co-written by Charli XCX, the track is a poppy, carefree song about someone making you want to live forever. It comes with a video, co-directed by all four girls (in some capacity), featuring the band in an ad-lib, self-filmed chronicle of their recent trip to LA. Watch below.

In their own words, “Live Forever” is a song about being “unconfined, unrefined and self assured” so naturally, “the video shows a less filtered side of the band…” says Nasty Cherry band-mate Georgia Somary, who also directed the video, edited by Matt Copson. “I wanted all of us to be seen as we are. We just went to a theme park for my birthday, ate a ton of fried pickles and filmed most of it there on our phones, as well as in sessions, and at Gabriette’s apartment over two days.”

Nasty Cherry will release their debut EP in the fall, right around the time of their scheduled appearance at Washington D.C.’s All Things Go Festival in October, alongside CHVRCHES, MUNA, and Allie X. We can only hope that North American tour dates for these four will be announced in the near future— they’re equally as charming and fearless live as they are in our headphones.