Not all pop punk bands make it out of the early 2000’s with the same popularity as when the new millennium started. As trends come and go, so does the fame for many different artists. The All-American Rejects, however, have managed to continue to keep their loyal fans just as excited as they were when they had too much eyeliner, side bangs and low cut jeans. With a sold out show at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago to prove it, these guys pulled off a wild show that brought out the teenager in everyone who attended.

From the very second lead singer Tyson Ritter walked on stage, the entire venue erupted in screams. That energy managed to last the entire performance, all the way from Swing, Swing to Move Along. Every song brought a different energy, but all were filled with vibrancy and fun. At one point Ritter was even climbing the rafters so he could sing to the fans face to face. During the slower songs, he encouraged fans to put their arms around their neighbor, which of course led to swaying and lighters being held in the air.

At one point during the show, Ritter asked the audience, “So isn’t it nice that you can finally drink at an All-American Rejects show?” Prompting many chuckles from the room, filled with fans in their late twenties who remember all too well listening to Dirty Little Secret in their childhood bedroom while texting their friends on a flip phone. The show overall was an unforgettable experience. With this kind of energy, The All-American Rejects are sure to keep their momentum and stay on everyone’s favorite playlists.