Travel can do a lot of good for a person’s soul. The chance to explore something unfamiliar and to leave your problems for a bit is an appealing thought. Even just taking a quick road trip to a city an hour or two away for the day has the ability to do wonders for one’s mood. Pop artist Aria Wunderland has been feeling that pull recently. She’s taken that desire to hit the road and turned it into the song “Airplane Mode,” which we are happy to premiere this afternoon.

The shimmering synths of “Airplane Mode” come in slowly, building a ton of anticipation just as the song starts. Wunderland’s soft vocals fit snuggly between the pop-inspired percussion and dreamy array of electronic influence. The dreaminess extends to the lyrics, as she wistfully imagines a number of fantastic trips both big and small, from a quick road trip to a journey to attend the Cannes Film Festival. The title comes from the most important part of these trips by Wunderland’s estimation: setting aside any distractions and enjoying the new sights and new friends.

That sense of adventure is key to “Airplane Mode.” Wunderland says “This is a song about romance and escapism. This idea of exiting the world and reality we live in to be present to each other. We often get caught up in our day-to-day routine, we get busy with life’s responsibilities. Airplane Mode is about being in a jet-setting mood, breaking away from feelings of monotony and confinement. This song is also about finding comfort in the mere dream of getting away. So this idea that you may not necessarily hop on a plane at this very second but you can dream about going places and find solace in that. Just putting your phone on airplane mode, no distractions; just adventure, dreams, love and romance.”

Set up your speakers, put your phone on airplane mode so you won’t be bothered, and then listen to “Airplane Mode” by Aria Wunderland below.