Positivity is not a cure-all for everything life has to throw at you. You can be as positive as you want to be, and there will be times where things still don’t work out or bad situations happen. That’s just how it goes. That being said, positivity is still important to maintain. Even though it can’t prevent all the bad things, being positive while you deal with those things can make recovering easier. Philadelphia band Goalkeeper are big fans of positivity. They’ve combined their brand of high-energy pop-punk with their relentless good attitudes on their new EP Bad Times Don’t Last, which we are absolutely stoked to premiere for you today.

No matter the situation that’s presented on Bad Times Don’t Last, Goalkeeper are there to greet it with a smile. The EP opens on “Sunshine,” an ode to all the wonderful people who help us along in life. “Sunshine” embodies a lot of what makes the EP with great. Marc Juliano delivers riffs with a blazing intensity and speed on the guitar, and Cody Ritchie’s drums give the EP a warmth and energy that make it hard not to smile when they hit your ears. Bringing it all together is Ryan Beebe’s vocals and bass, with lyrics that acknowledge some of these tough situations, but never give in to the hardship. “Chances” and “Left Lane” maturely looks at relationships that haven’t worked out and how they’ve helped Beebe grow, and “Nothing At All” triumphantly proclaims at the end of the EP that nothing can stand in Goalkeeper’s way towards chasing their dreams and growing as people. Sandwiched in there is “Lately,” Bad Times Don’t Last‘s acoustic track that proves the band can deliver excellent writing and music no matter the sound.

Juliano explained the idea and feeling of Bad Times Don’t Last by saying “Bad Times Don’t Last is an EP that deals with the idea of choices and how we react to them. The EP finds itself in reflection, but also in action to life and it’s every changing experience. Bad Times Don’t Last faces the difficult decisions head on, and pressed forward without hesitation.”

Goalkeeper also released a music video for EP opener “Sunshine.” The video is your classic love story. At least it’s a classic love story until the band accidentally runs over the starring couple with their van. Fear not, because the couple comes back as sheet-covered ghosts and continue on their merry way. In fact, it seems haunting Goalkeeper for what they did brings the couple even closer together. It’s a video that’s not only incredibly sweet, but will probably make you laugh out loud a few times as well.

A lot of thought went into the “Sunshine” video as well. Juliano says “‘Sunshine’ is a song about someone who brings light and positivity to your life. In the music video, we use the example of a couple and their relationship through life and as ghosts in the afterlife after their lives were tragically taken. Despite the fact they passed away, they’re still together and happy. The video showcases how that person who brings the positivity and light to your life continues to do so even in the worst of times.”

Immerse yourself in all things Goalkeeper down below. You can stream the band’s new EP Bad Times Don’t Last and watch their music video for “Sunshine” after the jump.