Dear youth sounds like the start of a love letter to a former self, comprised mostly of notes that we tend to subconsciously collect and reflect on in typical “If I knew then what I know now” fashion. Dear Youth the band is onto something similar; the Montreal-based quintet sounds like they’ve been ripped from the peak of the mid-aughts — only more carefully constructed and ready to be that band for a new generation of kids. It’s high drama mixed with slick guitars and hooks that are bound to get even passive listeners singing along.

The band will release a new EP called You Could Wish Me The Best on June 29th in partnership with Anchor Eighty Four Records, and I couldn’t be more stoked to share the first single from the record with y’all. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” tells a story of betrayal and confusion turned personal strength; acknowledging that we all tell ourselves little lies to make it through the day, but we need to be careful to not get carried away or swept up in the illusion of it all. The track’s bombastic energy cascades over lyrics like “You turned up the gain/You told lies but you won’t lie to my face/I’ll take all the blame/If it gets me out of the rain.”

When asked about the track, vocalist Jared Zuckerman said: ‘”Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is a song about taking control of your own life and not being influenced or controlled by the ones closest to you, to take the path of safety or the sure thing. Many of us feel we need to make our parents proud but what about ourselves? This song describes the lies we tell ourselves when we’re doing something to please others as well as the realities of loneliness when we may be doing something to please ourselves.”

Listen below.

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” comes from the You Could Wish Me The Best EP out June 29th on Anchor Eighty Four Records. The record is available for pre-order here.