MAX has had an amazing summer so far. His last single, “Love Me Less”, took off nearly immediately after release, and he’s been keeping himself busy with his Intimate AF Tour. He shows no signs of slowing down— or at the very least, not for the summer— as he’s now released a new single, “Acid Dreams”. The new song— a celebration of love— is equal parts soulful as it is maudlin, and finds MAX gushing against a backdrop of funky synths and psychedelic beats as he describes all the things he loves about his wife.

“I knew immediately that this was a special record when I wrote my first verse instantaneously in front of my wife while she was in the room,” said MAX of the song. “My partner Ryan from Party Pupils sent me this beat while I was very high on legal marijuana with my wife chilling with my dog. I was immediately inspired and wrote all of my verses right in front of her about her, which I had never done before. Definitely bring[s] me back to my funk and soul roots,” he said. “The beat and the bass just blew me away from the start… It’s definitely one of the most soulful tracks off the album.”
MAX’s previous single, “Love Me Less”, has been on fire this summer, and he’s currently in the midst of his sold-out Intimate AF Tour. Remaining dates are here.