Some of the greatest innovations in the world have come from combining two already excellent things. It’s like putting potato chips on a sandwich. The characteristics of the two elements blend into a satisfying, amazing final product. That’s what Charlotte, North Carolina, band Sparkman are doing with their music. Taking their acoustic skills and sprinkling in some electric sounds, the band have found a winning formula. That formula is on display on their newest single “Fireworks,” which the band just released this week.

The heart of “Fireworks” is built on lead singer and guitarist Chris Vercauteren’s picking, with a nice crisp twang coming through in the instrumental at all times. Brandon Clayton gives the song the slow methodical beat that makes it move on the drums, and Taylor West’s bass adds just the right amount of flavor. When the more electronically distorted guitar solos and riffs come in on top of the clean acoustic foundation, “Fireworks” grows into an incredible listen. With Vercauteren’s solid vocals sailing over everything, “Fireworks” sounds just like how summer feels.

You can listen to “Fireworks” below. The track is taken from Sparkman’s upcoming album Searching for the Dawn, which will be released on September 8.