If you’re fortunate enough to be able to travel, you know how amazing it can be. Seeing different parts of the world is a wonderful learning experience, exposing you to new people, cultures, and art. Even the act of travel itself can be great, watching the trees go by as you ride in the car somewhere. Touring musicians get to experience this wonder on a regular basis, and it’s always been a popular subject matter for all forms of art. LA band United Ghosts are no exception, and they’ve captured that wonder on their new track “Ride Baby Ride.” We’re thrilled to premiere the track here on Substream today!

United Ghosts is headed by Sha Sabi and Axel Ray, and they’ve perfectly captured their wanderlust on “Ride Baby Ride.” The track does a great job of building an instrumental, with bass lines and synths mixing together to create an oscillating swirl of sound. This mix sounds like what I imagined a spaceship sounded like as a kid, and it’s that sense of awe that makes the track special. Everything contributes to this feeling, from Sabi and Ray’s echoing vocals and harmonies to the small bells and chimes that keep things light. We can only explore what’s here on Earth physically, but listening to “Ride Baby Ride” makes you feel like you can see everything out there in the universe.

Asked about the song’s theme, Sabi and Ray said “”Ride Baby Ride, no matter what the cost, some will fly, some just get lost” it’s about the freedom of being on the move, the beauty and solace one finds in traveling and being on the road while also being some kind of strange love song to all the rebel souls out there.”

You can listen to “Ride Baby Ride” below. The track is from United Ghosts’ upcoming album Saturn Days, set for release on August 24 through Cleopatra Records. Pre-orders are currently ongoing, and can be found here.