“Alternative Pop” might be the genre that I’m most excited about in 2018, although I feel the name of the genre may be needless. For the better part of the last decade, pop music has become increasingly kaleidoscopic; the rise of Lady Gaga opened the floodgates for the dark princess of pop (Lorde) to stun the world with her timeless sense of macabre and melody, and the trend has only continued. We’ve seen aspects of radio’s long-forgotten love of rock music sprinkled into our pop lexicon thanks to acts like Foster The People, Walk The Moon, and Paramore, which has given way to the birth of stunning “alternative pop” acts like Trenton.

“Jigsaw Glow” feels equal parts Foster The People and Troye Sivan, which is to say that it’s got a melody strong enough to keep you baited and a hook that will send shivers down your spine in a way that will have you dancing without a thought or care in the world. Each verse carries itself in a way that feels deceptively coy; Trenton’s delivery of each lyric is like the calm before the storm that swells around the chorus of the song, which sees him singing “Changing like a sunset/scattered in the jigsaw glow/Ready for the new day/feel the moment and let go.”

Talking about the track, Trenton said: “This song is definitely on the lighter side for me. I think I’ve taken myself a bit too seriously the majority of my life; it feels good to let go of some heaviness and release a track that just makes you feel good. This song is about surrendering to whatever life is throwing at you and making the best of it. Change is inevitable… whether or not we view change as good or bad will always fluctuate depending on our current perception of life. Everything we have anxiety about is usually okay, and if it’s not… it will pass.”

Listen below.

“Jigsaw Glow” will hit streaming services everywhere on April 13th.