No matter who put music out last week, it was never going to be the biggest story. That honor was always going to belong to the Grammys, which were awarded last night. Obviously we applaud the winners and enjoy their music, but the albums and artists represented there are just a small sliver of the mountain of music that comes out each year. Take 5 aims to share music from all walks of music, whether an artist be a Grammy winner or just released their first single. On another note, we’re already four Take 5s into the year! Before you know it we’ll be talking about next year’s Grammy nominations. For now, let’s talk about five new songs.


I know it’s not a Jonas Brothers reunion, but it is new music from a Jonas Brother. Joe, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle have put out their share of bops as DNCE, but “DANCE” might be the biggest one yet. True to its name, this will be a big hit in dance clubs for the foreseeable future. The way the music drops out and Joe’s vocal delivery in the lead up to the chorus is brilliant. I know it’s only been a little over a year since their debut album, but I’d be down for a DNCE followup this year.

The Great Heights Band – Better Things

Our own Joel Funk premiered the music video for The Great Heights Band’s new single “Better Things,” and like him I was a fan from the first listen. A fantastic upbeat rock vibe pairs perfectly with a lyrical current that we can all relate to: having way too much happening in your head and your life all at once. With a charming music video and a incredible song, The Great Heights Band have cemented themsleves as a band to watch this year.

Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey – The Middle

You can put this into the category of collaborations I never would have thought about, but am very happy actually happened. While the weird music video/commercial for Target during the Grammys last night was weird, this team up of EDM man Zedd, country singer Maren Morris, and duo Grey. Morris’ vocals pack a punch, and the slight electronic twinge added to the bottom of the vocals adds interest without being overwhelming. Zedd and Grey also craft an impeccable piece of music for Morris to sing over. “The Middle” showcases why artists should not be afraid to work with artists outside of their usual genres, because the results can be spectacular.

Jhené Aiko, Rae Sremmurd – Sativa

It seems Jhené Aiko is always slept on, and that is an outrage. Aiko is one of the most gifted artists in R&B right now. Maybe “Sativa” will be the single that finally wakes people up to her genius. It’s a spacey, laid back song worthy of its namesake, and Aiko delivers with the silky smooth singing. Rae Sremmurd are just as good here as they were on their 2015 breakout album StremmLife. Both Aiko and Rae Sremmurd deserve more shine, and 2018 should be the year where it happens for both of them.

Waterparks – 11:11

Don’t get me wrong, a good brief intro to an album can be a good thing, easing the listener into the rest of what the album has to offer. That being said, I also love when a band starts an album at full throttle like Waterparks do with “11:11” on their new release, Entertainment. A looping electronic beginning quickly gives way to a supremely satisfying riff, and “11:11” never lets up again. The blending of the electronic with the more grounded elements works well, and Awsten Knight gives the lyrics the emotional kick that they need to thrive.


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