“Nothing’s as intimidating as empty pages when all the phrases won’t come out.”

Okay, amen. The Great Height Band officially won me over with a single line that I’m bound to have run through my head, marquee style, every time that I need to sit down and write something. It definitely doesn’t hurt that this band soars through the kind of infectious and youthful pop-punk that begs for Summer nights, cheap beer, and sloppy sing-a-longs. The best way to describe their sound is to make a comparison TO a comparison. If Rozwell Kid is seen as the Weezer of a generation, then there is no doubt in my mind that The Great Heights Band are bound to be seen as a new Bowling For Soup.

Both share that same care-free, never take ourselves too seriously attitude — and that shines through on the whole of The Great Heights Band’s new album, Radpop, which is due out April 20th via CI Records. Today, I’m excited to share the music video for a new song called “Better Things” with y’all! The video itself plays out like an infomercial for Radpop — down to one of the band’s two lead singers playing the Billy Mays of the video. The song itself is a hugely infectious ear-worm that seemingly slaps to no end. The chorus is this infectious and rowdy call of “I’m in over my head/the devil’s on my shoulder saying/you can sleep when you’re dead/because I’ve got better things to do/than waste my nights dreaming of you” that’s bound to kick around your head til we’re all pushing up daisies.

Both vocalists had something to say about the track when asked. Neal Karkhanis said “This song was so close to not making the record. Eric and I had written several versions of this song over the course of a year – I remember one writing session was done over the phone; I was visiting the Grand Canyon and Eric was struggling with a bridge, so we worked it out together. We probably wrote like half a dozen choruses for this song, most of which Paul vetoed. We finally figured it out, and I think this song has the best ‘single’ vibe to it on the entire record. Stay tuned for a cool music video.” Eric Taft adds “This song probably had the longest journey to get to where it’s at. We rewrote the chorus 3 different times until we arrived at this one, and I’m really glad we stuck it out, because it’s definitely a stand out track on the album.

The music video for “Better Things” can be seen above. Radpop is out 4/20 on CI Records. Snag your copy here.