Growing up sucks. There is no way around it. Very few things in life are true for everyone, but growing up is one of them, which is probably why songs like the latest single from Centerfolds makes all the hairs on our arm stand up.

Premiering exclusively on Substream this afternoon, “Losing Touch” is the latest song to surface from Centerfolds’ upcoming album Bad Heaven (out 9/22). The band’s raw punk fury perfectly compliments the frustration that runs through the lyrics. You can follow along below:

A lot of things are different now and nothing
Feels the same
I just can’t run from your conclusion your using
Resenting this illusion that you’ve been abusing

The truth hasn’t crossed your lips

You clench your teeth I’ll bite my toungue
With a broken jaw and bleeding gums just say that we”re done
Chalk this all up to dust
Like there isn’t room for both of us

I know you can’t see past all the secrets and flaws that I have
For every word I’m screaming out
too many still trapped in my mouth
I can’t let go I know where we’re headed
We’re writing a chapter that already ended

All the times that you say you’d remember
lost to reality but still shut and still tender
in my mind barely sane when I give too much
but I’ll refrain from words cause your losing touch

I already know where this is headed
A lost road where failure grows and you and I just walked on down it

You clinch your teeth I’ll bite my tongue
With a broken jaw
Fuck this I’m done
Chalk this all up dust like there isn’t room for both of us

Centerfolds are kicking off a three week US tour tonight in Richmond, VA at the Canal Club. Don’t miss your chance to see this band and get an early taste of Bad Heaven has in store.

Tour Dates with Unturned (8/20-8/24), Riviera (8/25-8/28), DozerTX (9/12-9/17)
8/18 – Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
8/20 – Salisbury, MD @ Reign Event Club
8/21 – Cleveland, OH @ Coda in Tremont
8/22 – Muncie, IN @ The Dog House
8/23 – Terre Haute, IN @ The Cruft House
8/24 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
8/25 – Davenporte, IA @ DIY Space
8/26 – Milwaukee, WI @ Honey Creek House
8/27 – Minneapolis, MN @ House Show
8/28 – Fargo, ND @ Red Raven Cafe
9/1 – Yuba City, CA @ Shu Lace Studios
9/2 – Chico, CA @ House Show
9/3 – Anaheim, CA @ Parks and Rock
9/5 – St George, UT @ Studio Allegro
9/8 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The House
9/9 – Chanute, KS @ House Show
9/10 – Kansas City, MO @ Bubba Spins
9/12 – Memphis, TN @ House Show
9/13 – Layette, LA @ Freetown Boom Boom Room
9/14 – Jackson, MS @ Offbeat
9/16 – Myrtle Beach SC @ Rockin Hard Saloon
9/17 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Shaka’s