Earlier this year, we introduced y’all to a sweet young indie band called Friday Pilots Club. Since then, the band has morphed into a duo and infused their already incredible brand of rock music with the undeniable grooves of funk. Today, we’re bringing you the home movie-inspired music video for a brand new song called “End Of It.” The song itself has a swampy backbone that reeks of funk influence. You can’t help but want to strut with confidence and a mean, confident scowl as each drum hit travels down your spine.

When asked about the track, vocalist Caleb Hiltunen said: “End Of It was a song whose lyrics came together very fast but whose structure actually took quite a while to form. I wanted to write a song about my experience getting back into the “dating world” after a hard break up I was going through (almost a year ago now) and I wanted to describe the trouble I was running into, not just in the normal “no one will ever be that person” dilemma but also in several other ways like the constant in-genuine flattery you get, the constant (and silent) competition that arises between you and the person you were last with (and their friends), and lastly fighting the internal pressure to become something with someone else quickly so you can get past the lonesomeness instead of embracing it. The chorus ties together the song by acknowledging that “ex” and their seemingly beneficial changes and then talking about my own internal changes and how although I may not understand what good is to come from my current situation change can be the “funniest thing” and “I’m not at the end of it.”

The music video for “End Of It” can be seen above.

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