When we last covered LA quintet Gun Outfit they were serenading us with a lovely duet in their video for “Landscape Painter.” Fast-forward to now and their new album Out of Range is just two short weeks away and they’re back with another video for a new track, this time titled “Sally Rose.”

While “Landscape Painter” found Dylan Sharp and Carrie Keith singing together, here Keith takes the lead on the vocals. Bolstering her voice is a punk-fueled instrumental thick with multiple guitars and a simple, but effective drum kick that gets the track moving.

The music video for “Sally Rose” is self-directed by the band and features numerous shots of the band’s journey, with small towns blending seamlessly into the beautiful landscapes that Gun Outfit have explored.

Watch the video for “Sally Rose” above. Out of Range, the band’s fifth album, will be out on November 10.