Life is pretty complicated. We have to navigate our jobs every single day. Most of us are on social media frequently, getting sucked in by all the news and memes and trends. It can be a lot to keep track of on top of just trying to stay healthy and happy. It’s no wonder a ton of people long for a simple life or to go back in time to when they were younger and had less responsibilities and worries. Anna of the North is no different than most of us in that regard. She addresses her feelings on the matter on “Used To Be,” her new single.

The hum of the synths to start out the track immediately capture the attention of the listener. They’re pleasant, but there is a slight twinge of sadness and longing in them. Anna comes right in with the chorus to begin the track, singing about an old friend who has seemingly lost their way. Instead of focusing on the relationships they had and the connections that sustain us, this person has become obsessed with the material and superficial aspects of life. “Used To Be” contains some of Anna’s best vocals to date, and the layering and progressions in the synths are outstanding.

“Used To Be” also comes with a video, and dog lovers will want to watch ASAP. Anna is a dog groomer in the video, and throughout the run time we see dog after dog get pampered with baths and haircuts. Both the dogs and Anna are clearly having a great time, and it’s an incredibly fun watch for the viewer, as well.

Check out Anna of the North in “Used To Be” below.