Following the successful release of “Authenticity” late-2017, self-proclaimed queer pop-punker deelanZ is back. We are pleased to be premiering his new single “Snake In the Grass” today, and we think you’re going to like it.

“Snake In the Grass” is the latest track from deelanZ that blends together indie and pop perfectly. It’s a thrilling composition where he lets his emotions seep through for roughly four minutes, reminiscing of the time his then-boyfriend left him after he went into a coma for four-weeks. You’ll notice his Billy Corgan-esque vocals best as he exclaims “you’re just a snake in the grass, with no disguise.”

Expanding more on the meaning behind the track, deelanZ states “‘Snake In the Grass’ was the first tune I wrote after coming out of my coma in 2013. I remember this specifically because I wrote it about my at-the-time boyfriend who broke up with me after I was released from the hospital because it was all too much for him to handle. Sometimes love bits, but after you’re done screaming and shouting, it gets a lil better. Snakes, I’m on you.”

With the release of “Snake In the Grass,” deelanZ hopes to build upon his currently international fan base. He has received coverage in multiple Hype M blogs, and even has a feature on the soundtrack for the upcoming film, The Annual. He has also does an extensive amount of charity work for his local Salt Lake City community. He’s an active leader in Utah Pride, where he’s taught the trans youth how to DJ for their queer proms. He has also raised money for the organization through benefit shows, and plans to collaborate with local musicians in order to set up a hate-free space at the Utah Pride Parade. deelanZ also works with Salt Lake Cool Kidz, which is an artist collective and label that is involved in local charities, including the Utah Food Bank.

You can find our premiere of “Snake In the Grass” below and enjoy!

snake in the grass deelanZ