According to their bio, Cale and the Gravity Well started kind of by accident. Cale’s sister passively said something about starting a record label and, well, the rest is history. The band resides in New York City and it’s clear that the constant hums and roars of the city have made their mark on the kind of music this band makes. Their brand of indie-rock feels a little eccentric; a funky backbone stomps through the stories this band likes to paint with vocal tone and lyrical prowess.

The band is gearing up to release a brand new, five-song EP called Creation Myths on November 17th via Made In The Shade Record. Creation Myths is a kaleidoscope-eyed look into the world of Cale and the Gravity Well. There isn’t a second of time wasted throughout the record either; each song feels like a grandiose story of its own and the importance to detail that was observed at every level is both remarkable and refreshing. Tracks like the strangely catching and dancey “Contessa” are bound to weasel their way into your heart, and by the time you reach “No More Water,” you’ll be sold on the promise of Cale and the Gravity Well.

When asked about the record, the band said: “We are so excited to finally be releasing this EP into the world. These five songs represent the better part of a year of effort; hundreds of practice hours; late night re-tooling; both early and late flights back and forth from LA; a lot of forgotten lines. First, a few thanks. This could not have happened without the incredible abilities of our producer Jim Fairchild, our engineer Mike Cresswell, the fine folks at New Monkey Studio, and of course, the reps at Made in the Shade Records who have kept faith in us always. We see this as a marker for a new chapter on our journey to become even better musicians. So, with the same spirit, we poured into this EP, we are officially releasing Creation Myths. We hope it stands as an outline for more to come. Thank you.

You can stream their brand new EP, Creation Myths, in full below.

Creation Myths is out November 17th. You’ll be able to grab your copy here.