Vancouver, B.C. singer-songwriter Geoff Gibbons has some stories to tell. Following a trip to America’s musical heartland, Gibbons says, “When I got back home I wasn’t just inspired, I was altered.” The effect is clear on his newest album, Buffalo Hotel. Bringing together elements of the most notable creations in country rock and Americana music, Gibbons has crafted something truly special and memorable.

“It began with me compiling,” Gibbons says. “I combed the material until it started taking shape.” On coming together with John McArthur Ellis to co-produce the album, Gibbons adds, “We’d been trying to work together for years. We started going to the next level with it. I had probably 20 songs demoed. We focused in on 12.”

Wonderfully clear in its production and nostalgic in its storytelling, the 12-track release elicits thoughts of the Eagles and Jackson Browne while feeling current and relevant.

“As writers, we have worlds inside of our brains and there’s always something we’ve not experienced. ‘What if I had done this? If I was there what would it feel like?’ There’s an element of that — like a lush dream that permeated my consciousness. This is who I am. I have always been true to music. I’d like to have this music come out and affect people’s lives; to haunt them in the best possible way.”

Get haunted below with a full stream of Buffalo Hotel and let us know what you think.