Eat Your Heart Out has delivered the record fans have been waiting for right when the world needs it most.

If you ever needed proof that November is the wrong time to craft your end of year lists then look no further than the latest EP from Australia’s Eat Your Heart Out. One of the latest additions to the Fearless Records family, Eat Your Heart Out has partnered with Substream to premiere Mind Games in its entirety two full days ahead of its December 1 release. You can stream the record below.

The competition for listeners’ attention is fierce in every genre, but the world of alternative music has always been in a league all its own. Bands today need more than a good look and catchy single to even be noticed, let alone make a career out of their efforts. Mind Games elevates Eat Your Heart Out from the realm of bands fighting for a chance to show you what they have to offer to a group impossible to ignore. It is no longer a matter of ‘if’ or ‘when’ they will become the band fans have long believed they would become because that moment is now. They are here, and they are ready to rock your socks off.

Over the course of the Mind Games’ six tracks Eat Your Heart Out share stories and lessons from lives lead on the other side of the world that, through universal truths regarding love and the power of friendship told with memorable lyricism, hit home no matter where you lay your head at night. If an album can keep you company this is the one to do it, and you just might walk away feeling stronger than ever before.

We last spoke with Eat Your Heart Out when they covered Ed Sheeran‘s hit “Shape Of You” for Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 7 over the summer. We’re currently working on plans to speak to them again regarding their plans for the new year and beyond. Be sure to follow Substream, as well as EYHO, on Twitter for updates. You can also find the band on Facebook.