Minka creates the kind of pop-rock that feels tied to both the 80’s and the early 2000’s. It’s the kind of music that would have graced the covers of New Music Enemies or Pitchfork not even a decade ago– enough nu-wave influence is poured over their indie-rock sensibilities that the band can safely glide between genres. What’s being brought to the table is by no means reinventing the wheel, but it feels refreshing in a world that seems to be shifting more and more towards the realm of lo-fi dream-pop taking over the indie-world.

They self-released a stellar new EP called Born In The Viper Room this past May–and it’s packed to the brim with the kind of quirky and attention-grabbing indie-pop that you’d expect from a band like Minka. Today, we’re sharing the music video for the track “Gravity” that opts to tell a story of two parties bound together by a mysterious suitcase and an inevitable fate. The video has just the right amount of character to it that it compliments the nature of the track– creating an experience that nobody should have to miss out on.

When asked about the video, which can be seen above, Minka said: “In this modern world, we are increasingly untethered from reality. in the absence of gravity, confusion reigns. Taking cues from the work of David Lynch, Ian Ross and Tyler Pakstis have crafted a visual metaphor that reflects the chaos of our times. The surrealist film follows the stories of two duos: Dick Rubin and Barney Cortez (musicians of MINKA) – on a mission through the streets of Philadelphia, & Don and Matty (fishermen from Fortescue, NJ) – in search of the elusive deadliest catch. A mysterious briefcase ties both parties’ fates together. but as the day drags on, time is running out. We’re left to wonder – what does it all mean?

“Gravity” comes from Minka’s new EP Born In The Viper Room, which you can download here.