If there is one thing everyone who loves EDM can agree on, it’s the simple fact the EDM community feels like a family more often than not. It does not matter if you’re at a major festival, club show, or a local basement party, everywhere you go there will be someone – or a lot of someones – who welcome you with open arms. You might not know them at first, but you will come to consider them an extension of yourself, and when that day comes it’s like Krewella’s new single “Be There” will become your new anthem.

Released earlier this week, “Be There” is a song that reminds us we are never alone. Writing to fans on their YouTube channel, the group said “This song came straight from the heart and we hope you guys think of someone you have a special bond with when you listen.”

The video for “Be There” splices cinematic footage of the duo exploring gorgeous landscapes with far more intimate footage from life on the road. We the journey the duo has taken in recent years, as well as the people who made it possible for them to do so. We see the Krewella community as the global family it is, and we wish very much to party with all of them very soon.