Born at the crossroads of country music and the latest fuzzy indie rock band to play your promoter friend’s basement, Chicago’s Ratboys has quickly become the talk of the alternative music community. Their latest clip further emphasizes why, with sticky sweet rhymes and hypnotic melodies strung together in honor of a frozen pet. It needs to be seen to be believed, but it also needs to be seen because it’s the best thing you’re likely to experience this week.

The Elvis referred to in the title “Elvis is in the Freezer” is a cat, and (spoiler alert) unfortunately Elvis has died. Unable to let go right away, his body is preserved by his family in their freezer, thus making him always close without the whole ‘rotting corpse’ thing. It’s an act of love born of grief, albeit an odd one, and to see it captured as it is in the video above is enough to move you to tears.

We still have more than a month to go before Ratboys release their new album, GN on Topshelf Records (June 30). That wait feels like it will last for all of eternity right now, but if the rest of the songs are even half as good as this one we know it’ll be worth it.

In the meantime, you can catch Ratboys at Bled Fest in Michigan. Find out more about the band and 19 other must-see performers in our exclusive festival preview.