You’re awesome. Everyone reading this right now is awesome in their own special way. Unfortunately, there are a lot of outlets, influences, and ideas in our culture that tell you that you’re not awesome the way you are and that you need to change. I’m here to tell you that’s not true at all, and you’re great just by being you. The Voice finalist and Michigan native Lauren Duski thinks so too, and this was the message of her debut single “Costume Party.” Today, Duski recruited some of her awesome fans to get the message across in the “Costume Party” music video (via CMT).

The video begins with the inquiry “Am I beautiful?” We’re first show a couple videos of young girls talking about what beauty is, with explanations about their hearts being full of love and kindness, nothing about physical appearance. From there the powerful piano chords of “Costume Party” begins and we see Duski in a photo shoot as she begins to sing. When she sings the line “what if I let you see who I am?” the camera pulls back to showcase all the lights and technology that go into creating the beauty standard we see on our screens. From there, Duski is joined by footage of fans of all ages and backgrounds singing along with the single. It’s truly a powerful experience to watch.

You can see the video for Lauren Duski’s “Costume Party” above. As a final reminder for everyone reading this, you are beautiful and you are awesome.