Coming from a small town in the middle of Ohio, Jetty Bones is a name that you probably weren’t familiar with until their current tour with The Wonder Years was announced. While Jetty Bones is technically a solo project, vocalist Kelc Galluzzo taps several close friends (including Dylan Mattheisen of Tiny Moving Parts) to bring it to life on stage. Their infectious brand of pop-rock is hook-laden and celebrates the victories that come from the struggles of constant self-improvement. Their new record, Old Women, is out this Friday and is described as a story of progress, growth, and the development of human connection — something that Galluzzo feels is often overlooked in modern society.

Their message is immediately apparent, as the opening lines of Clear Honey read like a staunch and self-directed call to action. Galluzzo’s endearing vocals deliver the lines “this is not the voice I thought I’d have now/this is not the life I saw me developing for myself” with such passion that you can’t help but feel immediately sucked in. This track alone is packed full of one-liners that are bound to bounce around your head for days, including “This is not the girl I thought I was becoming/’cuz for the last three years/I moved so slow/I moved like molasses and called it running” which sees Kelc struggle with doubt in the speed at which she sees herself improving.

The second of two singles, “Innocent Party” is my personal favorite from the record. This partially because of the resounding chorus of “I wasn’t always the person that I am now, but I worked so hard to get here” and partially because of the Americana vibe that radiates from they keys in the background. There’s a moment in the song that’s dripping with raw and unfiltered emotion, things quiet down off the tail end of an emphatic and powerful second delivery of the chorus and sees Galluzzo hushedly singing “I fell for a trick and fell into the trap of thief’s bed/who stole what I’ve known/Corrupted my bones and left me there for dead/He borrowed my body until my skin started rotting through my head/I woke up alone and these jutting bones were all that I had left/I was all that I had left” before cathartically crashing around the following “And I felt totally inept/I tried to use my body to connect/That gaping hole right through my chest/But I was nothing but rotting flesh/No, I was nothing but rotting flesh/Confused, I cried and wept/For God to take me back.

Old Women is a handful of songs that carry you through the highs and lows of human existence in a way that only Jetty Bones can — blistering pop rock that isn’t afraid to hold back if the connection encourages listeners to strive for something better. The record is available to stream in full below.

Old Women is out October 6th on Take This To Heart Records. Pre-orders are available here. Catch Jetty Bones on tour with The Wonder Years now.

Upcoming Tour Dates
Oct 06 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
Oct 08 Poisson Rouge New York, NY