On her debut album, Julia Louise tackles all of the woes that come with being young in the year 2017. Her standout vocals and knack for melody make listening to Love Jail one of the more enjoyable. It’s the way that she manages to cut through all of the bullshit, however, that makes it one of the most memorable. The lead single was a blistering account of the bitter feelings that come from the dissolution of a relationship and was aptly titled “Brat.” Listeners are given the grand tour of the emotional theme park that is the young adult mind on our journey through Love Jail — and you’re not going to want to miss any of the attractions. Today, I’ve got another brand new song to share with y’all before the album is released next Friday.

“Splinter” sees Julia Louise trade in all of the omnipresent angst for a moment of quiet remembrance. The track’s soft start makes it feel like the purposefully warm score for the flashback scene in the movie of her life. The song has tender moments of wrought emotional imagery, made crystal clear by lyrics like “the child within me begins to scream/while the present day version accepts defeat.” A brief pickup comes from the moment in which Julia turns and makes a bee-line for the present day, swirling around the lyric “I’ll constantly dread hearing that knock on my door/and yet I will hear it again, once more/I’ll jump out the window/don’t care if it means I’m done for.” When asked about “Splinter,” Julia Louise says the track “is about realizing that you are different from a young age, and feeling like you’re growing up too fast.

The emotionally bruising, and painfully beautiful new song, “Splinter,” can be heard below.

“Splinter” comes from Julia Louise’s debut album, Love Jail, out October 13th on No Sleep Records. Pre-orders are available here.