Relationships are hard. They’re so hard, in fact, that the only thing more difficult than making a relationship work is learning to cope with one that has come to an end. Be it by choice or random chance, the end of something that held meaning is never easy to handle, but for those of you out there trying to come to terms with a new reality there is always hope to be found in the power of great music.

Today, we are thrilled to share the world premiere of “Harry,” a brand new song from up and coming lo-fi rock band Macseal. The track tackles the end of relationships, both planned and abrupt, as well as the flurry of emotions that often follow. You can stream the track below:

The thing about a song like “Harry” is that it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. As Macseal member Cole Szilagyi recently told us, the song was influenced by a variety of recent changes in his life, as well as those of his fellow band members:

“Lyrically, “Harry” deals with the concept of fading relationships, both organically and unexpectedly. Ryan was dealing with the loss of his grandma; I was going through a breakup. While we didn’t stick to Francesca’s original plan of writing this song for Harry Styles, it turns out using “Harry” as a broad character helped unify our situations into a more cohesive and meaningful song.

Musically, the intro riff and the general instrumental were written first on just acoustic guitar. It was then brought to a full band setting to help arrange it. We added some interesting syncopated moments that kept it engaging, and it’s one of our favorites to play live.”

Those hoping to hear more from Macseal will have to wait a bit, as the band won’t be releasing their upcoming EP until May 5. Pre-orders for the record, titled Yeah, No, I Know, are available now through Table Three Media.

Macseal are planning a release show for the same day in collaboration with Punk Talks in Hackensack, New Jersey. Click here for tickets and venue information.