All songs, regardless of how complex they may sound, start from a simple place. Most songs come into being first with a melody, then lyrics, and eventually layers of instrumentation are added to create a fully-immersive listening experience. Take any song on the radio today, search for it on YouTube, and I promise you there is an acoustic version that is just as good – if not better – than the one currently dominating the charts.

This brings us to Stolar. Undeniably talented at weaving together intricate productions that create a deeply moving atmosphere, the singer-songwriter recently decided to strip down one of his most notable songs to bare bones to see how the impact on the material might change. The song of choice was “Paralyzed,” an ode to love sure to send shivers down your spine, and we have the honor of premiering a performance of the song in its simplest form today:

When asked about the motivation behind this performance, Stolar told us:

“I’ve always been obsessed with the skeleton of a song. ‘Paralyzed’ was written to a track, so making this video was the first time I really got to sit with it and break it down to guitar and vocals. By the time I finished the arrangement, emotionally, it was like experiencing a completely different song.”

If you have yet to hear “Paralyzed” in its original form, you can do so below:

We have big expectations for Stolar in the months to come, and this performance gives us faith he will continue to find great success in his career. For more information on his upcoming performances and releases, click here.