It’s becoming more and more evident that Nashville is not just a place for country music stars and hopefuls anymore. In fact, Nashville is slowly being taken over by all aspects of the music industry. Lying underneath the lights of Broadway, there are troves of punk, emo, folk and indie bands vying to make their name known. Among those acts is Carverton. Consisting of Kyle Yorlets (vocals, guitar), Michael Curry (guitar), Sean Wykoski (bass) and Christian Ferguson (drums), the pop rock band are setting out to change the stigma of what Music City is capable of producing, and it all starts with their debut, self-titled EP.

Carverton caps off at five tracks of pure fun and catchy riffs. If there’s not at least one chorus off the EP stuck in your head by the end of the first listen through, then you might need to get your hearing tested. From opener “Hollywood” to closing track “Callin’ It Quits,” Carverton have crafted a collection of songs that showcase their ability to write extremely catchy music and capture a unique style that blends classic pop rock with rap. But among the fun, danceable tracks lies “Veins,” a ballad that slows the EP down and really gives Carverton (specifically Yorlets) a moment to show what they’ve got to offer beyond the bells and whistles.

Today, we are bringing you the exclusive stream of the EP ahead of its official release on August 11.

When asked about the EP, Yorlets said:

“This EP to me is all about exploring the most complex and difficult parts of life: love, pain, acceptance. Let’s be honest, life is fucking confusing. It’s stressful enough just trying to figure out what the hell is going on, let alone figuring out how to deal with it. I don’t really know if there even is a way to figure it all out. What I’ve learned from the process of making this EP is to just relax and take it one step at a time and do what’s best for YOU, no matter what.”

Stream the EP in full below!