“When I first saw you I made a mixtape / I didn’t know you’d do the same damn thing”

Something you learn as you get older is that everything eventually balances out. In other words, you cannot experience the highest of highs without also knowing the lowest of lows. Young love is often referred to as one of the sweetest things in life, but when that love comes crashing down the feelings the come with the loss of romance can be too much for some to bare. Luckily, for those aching from a broken heart there is now a new anthem made possible by the band known as SWMRS.

Having spent the better part of their summer supporting All Time Low, SWMRS are making the most of the recent surge in attention to their name with the release of “Lose It,” the best breakup song you will hear in 2017. The track examines the role music plays in a relationship, and how the end of romance can also change the way we feel towards the music we shared with our special someone. This is often the cruelest twist of all, as many look to music as a way to ease pain, but when that same music is tied to a person who caused heartache the conflicting emotions can feel a bit overwhelming.

With “Lose It,” SWMRS provide no answers for this situation, but that’s perfectly fine because the song itself is something of a cure. Instead of going back to the material you and that special someone shared just put on this song and remember that practically everyone has been in the same position at one point or another, often several times. To recover we must each be open to new sounds, just like we must be open to new people and opportunities. Only then, when we are accepting of the fact that we cannot look back, are we able to move forward.

SWMRS debut album, Drive North, is available now wherever music is found.