Foxy Shazam frontman Eric Nally is continuing to uplift audiences and raise awareness for his debut solo EP this week by sharing a new song titled “Believe”. The track premiered online Wednesday along with an official music video, which you can now view above.

“Believe” is the second solo track from Nally to surface thus far in 2017. Unlike “Ruby,” which felt made for late night dance parties in dimly lit rooms, “Believe” slows things down just enough to deliver a message. That message, according to the man himself, is this:

“Believe is about realizing the irrepressible strength we all have in our hearts and minds. No one is without suffering. We all walk our own paths and, though the obstacles we each encounter may vary, we can find unity in the fact we all possess the power to overcome them. It’s not always going to be easy. Sometimes we’ll need our friends and family or help of a more professional kind. But, in the end, WE can ALL do it.

Know that you are special. Know that you are loved. and know i believe in you.”

I know that we often ask a lot of readers. We want you to read all our content and share or “Like” as much of it as possible. Many of you do just that and we could not be more thankful for your support. That said, if we may ask just one more thing of you it would be to help us make Eric Nally the star he was always meant to become. “Believe” is not a one-off piece of greatness, but the latest in a string of hits dating back to a time before anyone outside of Cincinnati knew the name Foxy Shazam. The world needs voices like Nally’s right now, and they will only be able to hear it with support from people like you.

Nally will reportedly release his debut solo EP, Madville later this year. No release date has been made available at this time. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates.