PHOTOS: Lower Than Atlantis in Newcastle, UK

Following the release of the bands most recent album ‘Safe In Sound’, Hertfordshire quartet Lower Than Atlantis started their journey across the UK to showcase the new tracks to fans. Finding their way into Newcastle, the band took to the stage under a shower of lights, finally starting with Had Enough. They had, however, arrived onstage around fourty minutes late, citing technical difficulties and though some had retreated from the venue for the night, the majority of fans were happy to wait any amount of time to see Lower Than Atlantis perform.

The set is made up of thirteen tracks, a collection that included Get Over It, Boomerang and ended with the truly huge Here We Go. The visuals that back each track are quite wonderful, there’s no backdrop only a sheet with projections played out over it. It adds a splash of colour, a trippy display of artwork that suits the track that is being played out – it’s certainly something different to the usual stagnant backdrop at most shows. However there isn’t too much movement, perhaps the bands only downfall when paired with their late appearance but the redeeming factors give them a lot of promise.

Here are the exclusive photos from the night by Kelly Hamilton.