Buzzing international group Thea & The Wild returns with a full-length album after four years in Deadheading. A refreshing new direction for the popular act, the project delivers a 10-song follow-up to 2018’s Ikaros. “The idea of leaving something old behind so something new can blossom really resonated with me,” Thea shares in a press release. “When I looked back at my life and my music, I realized to move forward I needed to grow new roots. I was anxious about this—nervous about the future and nostalgic about the past. The songs on this album are a result of these inner processes—they are about finding yourself and being an adult.

Among the 10 tracks on the group’s new album infuses a unique blend of power pop, folk, and edgy R&B. Deadheading was recorded in between tending to plants in her paradisal garden annex with her partner Cato “Salsa” Thomassen of Madrugada. Thea’s guitar playing is prominent on the album in its purest state—confident and uniquely stylistic with a personal pulse.

Deadheading represents a rebirth for Thea—a return to a natural state of creativity, pruned of pop excesses and outward ideals of perfection. She says: “I wanted to keep these songs homely and close to the demo, almost as if they were acoustic guitar and vocal performances. With that, I also wanted to preserve the humanness of my guitar playing. The world would be a dull place if people weren’t allowed to show their personality with all their flaws and scratches here and there.”

Deadheading’s standout singles include “Little Sister,” “Misery Mountain,” and “Rip Tide.” After a four-year hiatus, Deadheading is the perfect origin point for newfound fans. After the stream, continue to follow Thea & The Wild on social media for daily updates and more.

Check out the full album below.