Road warriors and digital rockstars 2 Shadows argue for their place in the rock hierarchy on their fiery new EP, Bring The Cold Inside.

You should never judge a book by its cover. Unless, of course, that book looks incredibly badass.

2 Shadows have the look and sound of a band with much more experience than the group’s lifespan would lead you to believe. One look at any piece of media or content 2 Shadows produces will reveal a group of humans fiercely focused on bringing a very specific vision to life. It’s rock and roll rooted in the best of metal’s history, yet undeniably future-facing.

To put it another way, 2 Shadows is who you might expect Ridley Scott to call if he ever decides to make another horror film set in space. 

But 2 Shadows is more than jump scares and creepy aesthetics. The band might market themselves as larger-than-life beings sent here to tease a forthcoming apocalypse, but their music tells a more optimistic story. The material comprising the group’s latest EP, Bring The Cold Inside, channels the strife and chaos of existence into art that seeks to find silver linings when all hope seems lost. It’s the metaphorical lighthouse in the storm of life, guiding listeners toward a better, healthier future.


Standing out from the rest of Bring The Cold Inside is “Keep Breathing,” an aggressive modern rock cut made in collaboration with The Word Alive that wrestles with mental illness. Guest vocalist Telle Smith’s signature croon pairs well with the vicious tones and thunderous production delivered by 2 Shadows and ultimately produces one of the album’s brightest moments.

“When Crispin Earl sent me the song, I instantly knew I was going to love being a part of it,” says Smith. “I tried to pull from my own experiences to give the song a part of myself. I love how it turned out, and I hope anybody hearing it can feel the comfort in the sonic darkness we created”.

Smith may have unintentionally revealed the secret to 2 Shadows’ success. The band’s skill level is undeniable, but talent alone will get you nowhere in music. The artists that rise through the ranks today do so because they forge connections with fans through shared experiences. It’s not enough to write about mental health as a whole. That may help some, but the real progress happens when you share your experiences with mental health (or anything else). 

At the risk of speaking out of turn, I think the titular Cold in the album title may reference the things we try to hide from ourselves and the world at large. Whether it’s “Blackened Wings” or the Veer Union collaboration “Scratching At The Surface,” 2 Shadows write songs that address topics and themes most mainstream entertainers choose to ignore. That alone isn’t enough to make the group special. At least, not in an age where marketing is closely tied to personal connection. But 2 Shadows are telling you stories no one else can because no one else has lived them, and it’s that transparency that lifts the material from “as good as the rest” to “better than most.”

Bring The Cold Inside proves 2 Shadows is more than a well-dressed band with a knack for visual marketing. The songs that comprise this release showcase the progressive songwriting and musicianship rock needs right now. With the right placements, plenty of touring, and a heaping amount of luck provided by our otherwise uncaring universe. It’s not hard to imagine 2 Shadows rubbing shoulders with genre headliners in no time.

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The Rock Shop Records Spring Tour 2022 w/ The Veer Union & 2 Shadows

4/22 Laredo, TX, Wonder Lounge
4/23 San Antonio, TX, Vibes Underground
4/24 Austin, TX, Come and Take It
4/25 Oklahoma City, OK, 89th Street Collective
4/26 Springfield, MO, The Outland
4/27 Columbia, MO, Rose Music Hall
4/28 Lincoln, NE, 1867 Bar
4/29 Sioux City, IA, The Marquee
4/30 Des Moines, IA, Lefty’s Live Music
5/2 Chicago, IL, Reggies Music Joint