S.A.M. (Savage After Midnight) returns to the spotlight with “Remedy,” a song meant to empower listeners and inform positive life changes.

We don’t talk about enough when discussing creativity is how some of the most significant moments in your artistic pursuit will happen out of the blue. You still have to practice and work hard, of course, but there’s always something to be said for luck. Now and then, whether you’re ready for it or not, the stars will align in such a way that you find yourself creating something unique. It’s in these moments that some of the greatest works of art ever given to the public or forged into existence, and I think it’s safe to say that S.A.M. recently experienced such an occurrence in their career.

Remedy,” the band’s latest single, is an explosive track detailing the need to separate ourselves from the toxic people and environments that weigh us down. This song focuses on the same topics that most of us choose to ignore, either out of kindness or resistance to change. We grow so a custom to surrounding ourselves with the people in places that we care about that we can blind ourselves to the reality of our situation. S.A.M. recognizes that such disillusions only lead to trouble. With the help of Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop, the band offers a battle cry for those who wish to break free.

It feels tough to impress upon you the importance of this message because anyone who doesn’t understand what the band is trying to say is probably the most in need of hearing it. We all like to believe that people are generally good. I think that is true, but I have learned that not everyone is good for you. All it takes is one person with a twisted worldview or forceful presence to make you reconsider how you see yourself and everyone else. In that sense, people can be poison, and we often don’t recognize it until it’s too late.

But “Remedy” offers hope in the form of aggressive hard rock. This song reminds us that we possess the power to influence positive change. It tells us that we alone control our destiny and that we can create space between us and whatever it is that holds us back. We do not need saviors. We do not need superheroes. Everything we need is already within us, and S.A.M. encourages us to make difficult changes that will lead to growth. 


The band’s Shi Eubank says:

“On ‘Remedy” not only did we get to create with producer Andrew Baylis (Bad Omens, Vrsty) and Jayden Panesso of Sylar – but we were able to co-write with my buddy Jack Fowler of Sleeping with Sirens. The song was sounding amazing on its own, but I felt like there was an opportunity to take it a step further.  I reached out to another friend and one of my favorite singers Danny Worsnop to feature on the track. What you’re hearing is that melting pot, and we hope you enjoy it!”

Danny Worsnop adds: 

“Shi hit me up on short notice about a song he had and thought would be a good fit. I think his songwriting is great, and we’ve been good friends for a while now – this kind of stuff has always been my favorite part of this job. I jumped in my car and drove up there through a huge storm, and we just got to work. I think the final results are awesome and were a real testament to when it’s right, it’s right. Nothing was overthought or overworked, it just flowed naturally, and I think that’s a big part of why it sounds so good.”