Buffalo, New York’s indie rock duo Super American have released another new song today called “Givin It Up.” It is the third song released from their upcoming album, Tequila Sunrise, following the previously released “Hands Down Olivia” and “Coconut Shrimp.”

“Givin It Up” is a perfect follow-up to the previously released songs, as it is a folk-esque song driven by an acoustic guitar riff, meshing perfectly still with energetic drumming and vocals that Super American have become known for. You can listen to the song for yourself here.

If you like what you hear from “Givin It Up” – as well as “Hands Down Olivia” and “Coconut Shrimp” – you can pre-order Super American’s new album, Tequila Sunrise, here. The record will be released on September 14th via Take This to Heart Records.

Below you will find the album track-listing for Tequila Sunrise.

  1. Coconut Shrimp
  2. Commitment Issues
  3. Hands Down Olivia
  4. Neon Lights
  5. Sleeping in Jeans
  6. Estoy Eternamente Lo Siento
  7. Casino Blonde
  8. Cig (Interlude)
  9. Baby Blue
  10. Date (You Got Blisters)
  11. Givin It Up
  12. Chris from Walmart
  13. Mike Taxi