Saint Slumber made a big splash this summer with the release of single “Stay Away” and the announcement of new EP Youth//2. After such a big event, some reflection is always in order. That doesn’t just apply to Saint Slumber, but to everyone. We should always strive to move forward and better ourselves, but looking back and reflecting upon our past is a key step of that. This idea is the subject of Saint Slumber’s second new single of the summer, titled “Infinite.”

There’s a balance to be found in reflecting on the past and looking to the future, and “Infinite” finds lead singer Josh Perna struggling to find that balance. “Infinite” is primarily built around Perna’s voice and the finger-picking of an acoustic guitar, a match that yields excellent results. While those two components are the main building blocks, the chorus on “Infinite” brings out more of the production, and the contrast between everything makes for a rich listen.

“Infinite” also comes with a music video that showcases the recording process. It’s cool to see the cozy atmosphere the band has while performing the track, and the cosmic filter that’s put over the band’s silhouettes is a nice touch to show how “infinite” things really are.

You can listen to “Infinite” up above. Saint Slumber’s new EP Youth//2 will be out on September 14.