There are people we meet in life that we’re just drawn towards. Maybe they have a magnetism that everyone feels, or maybe our personality just melds well with theirs. Either way, it can be hard to shake that feeling of connection once it has been felt. Ideally that connection would be healthy for all parties, but it’s possible to feel that pull towards someone even though the fit of the relationship doesn’t work. That sensation is a powerful force, and it’s the subject of Saint Slumber‘s new song called “Stay Away,” which we are stoked to be premiering this morning. “Stay Away” is the first single from the four-piece’s upcoming EP Youth//2 (a sequel to the band’s 2017 debut EP Youth//1), and we’re also stoked to break the news that the EP is dropping on September 14.

“Stay Away” is an excellent introduction to Saint Slumber. The song starts as a slow-build, just like these magnetic relationships tend to start. As each member of the band brings their instrument into the mix, singer Josh Perna delivers an impassioned tale of an uncontainable bond forming. As “Stay Away” launches into the chorus, the music and Perna’s lyrics both capture the reckless abandon we rush into these things with, as he sings “I think I’m playing with fire/I think I wanna burn out.” Listeners will be feeling the emotion and the groove as soon as the song starts, but when the key changes and everything gets turned up a notch, Saint Slumber show they’re not to be underestimated. The guitar solo in the bridge after the change is awe-inspiring, and you can tell every single member of Saint Slumber have poured all of their energy into “Stay Away.”

Asked about the new single and EP, Perna said “”We chose our newest single ‘Stay Away’ as the first track of our upcoming record Youth//2, so I can confidently say this song is strong enough to open up an entire record. Inspired by the soundscapes of retro movie soundtracks, this song is a dark and lush introduction to Saint Slumber. It combines all of the elements that give us an identity as a band, and I’m super excited that this track is going to serve as people’s first impression of us.”

You can listen to Saint Slumber’s new single “Stay Away” and see the cover art for Youth//2 below. In addition, the band have also released a video to serve as an introduction for new fans, which you can also view below.

saint slumber youth art