Pop artist Iris has had an eventful month. At the end of March she shared her debut single “Crazy,” a slow, atmospheric track that turned heads. It turned enough heads to wind up appearing in the newest season of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet (a criminally underrated show). To celebrate a successful first month in the public eye, Iris has now shared the acoustic arrangement of “Crazy.”

The track translates perfectly into an acoustic version. The light and airy synths in the original are replaced by an acoustic guitar which shimmers along. “Crazy” is a vocal showcase for Iris in its main form, and stripping away even more of the backing allows her voice to shine even brighter. The microphone used for recording captures the real emotion and technique in her singing spectacularly. Even the accompanying video of Iris performing is cozy and warm, inviting listeners to come in and stay for a bit.

Watch Iris perform the acoustic version of “Crazy” below. With such a strong first month under her belt, Iris will be one worth keeping an eye on in the future.