Ksenia is on a winning streak with her latest string of release, the latest being a stand out pop single: “Like It Or Not.”

After an extraordinary year of successes that saw the Russian-born, NYC-residing singer-songwriter amass over 100,000 streams on Spotify and catch the attention of multiple international press outlets, Ksenia closed 2019 with a fresh, carefree music video driven by a message of self-love.

The music video for “Like It Or Not” mirrors Ksenia’s lyrics of celebrated independence, showing her and her friends having the time of their lives without a care for others opinions, reflecting the core message behind the track. It’s a song about doing exactly what you feel like doing.

Brightly colored with neon lighting, the video uses popping, candy-like palettes and eye-catching imagery to keep audiences’ eyes glued to the screen till the very end. Be sure to watch the video in full using the links below to see the blooper ending that Ksenia included in the final.

Watch “Like It or Not” now.