Have you ever had someone in your life who keeps coming and going? They’ll be there for you one minute, and completely gone the next. This can be complicated even further when the person is a romantic flame, and that jumble of emotions and experiences is jarring no matter what. Human relationships are tricky enough already, and an intense on-again, off-again aspect can spark even more chaos. Such an intense experience deserves an intense song about it, and Nashville-based artist Chris Jobe has come through with amazing results. This wild relationship is detailed in Jobe’s new single “Backwards,” premiering right here on Substream.

Jobe is a multi-instrumentalist, and that skill is front and center on “Backwards.” From guitar and piano to various synths, “Backwards” combines various pop sensibilities and electronic influences to create a song that surprises and pleases the ears every second. Jobe’s voice is magnificent, especially when he goes for the high notes on the chorus and the bridge. “Backwards” details Jobe falling into the trap of hooking up with an ex and getting hurt time and time again, and his pain and confusion comes through clearly. It’s an experience many of us can relate to, and combine that with the killer hook and and musical prowess, and “Backwards” is a sure winner of a track.

Asked about the origin of the song, Jobe says “‘Backwards’ explores the limbo of emotions that most of us have felt going in and out of a serious relationship. Personally, the song came from very overcast feelings about my ex while we were rekindling our love after 6 months of minimal conversation during her travels overseas. I didn’t know how to feel. I was trying to be casual since we both didn’t know if we wanted to dive back in. I loved her, but after writing this song, it became clear things would never be the same.”

Listen to “Backwards” below. Be warned, you’ll be humming the hook to yourself for the rest of the day.