One week from tomorrow, a new Kesha album will be out in the world. We’re pretty excited about that. It’s hard to blame us, as every track the singer has shared from the upcoming record, Rainbow, has been phenomenal. On top of that, we’re still buzzing from the announcement of a tour earlier this week. Earlier today Kesha gave us yet another new track with the release of “Hymn,” and we are officially engulfed in Kesha-mania.

Like “Praying” before it, the new song works through religious themes and imagery in the lyrics. The music itself is also reverent and hymn-like in its simplicity, although that simplicity doesn’t make it any less brilliant. Lyrically, it’s a “hymn for the hymnless,” as Kesha sings in the chorus, a song for those that don’t live life as others think they should. It’s an anthem for living the way that’s best for you and owning your happiness, and we adore it.

You can give “Hymn” a listen now. Rainbow is out on August 11 and tickets for the Rainbow Tour go on sale this Saturday, August 5.