NOV3L is sharing a brand new single titled “Sign On The Line” from the band’s debut EP, NOVEL, the band has planned to release later this week. NOV3L’s Jon Varley says that the track “releases a sardonic response to being tossed into a problematic societal system, and frustrations with generational compliance of financially-insulated mindsets. Chaotic bureaucracy meets psychotic despair, resulting in a darkly comedic product – both unhinged and carefully synchronized – racked between unwilling participation and self-imposed exile.”

The new track from NOV3L is the third released from the EP and third on the EP itself. It follows the previously released glossy, funkadelic “To Whom It May Concern” and “Natural” and continues that funky flow on the rest of the collection.

Listen to “Sign On The Line” below.


  1. To Whom It May Concern
  2. Natural
  3. Sign On The Line
  4. Take You For
  5. Will To Power
  6. Suspicion
  7. Are They
  8. Division