At the beginning of the month, artist Richard Dawson released a music video for “Dead Dog in an Alleyway,” which coincided with the release of his album 2020, released in October of last year.

This is the artist’s 6th full-length album and received critical acclaim from Pitchfork, “Dawson’s mastery as a writer guides you along without hiding the awkwardness of addressing the world at its ugliest,” The New York Times “The disjunctive melodies of the British avant-garde troubadour Richard Dawson are like Captain Beefheart reborn as a pastoral folky. Dawson’s sixth album, “2020,” is probably his closest to a rock record, one that still maintains his angular songwriting and vividly bent details,” and Under The Radar “Socially aware, beautifully played, dazzlingly well-crafted, and, most importantly, exceptionally moving, this is a glimpse of the future that’s happening right now.”

The animated video comes directed from Ewan Jones Morris and reflects the powerful portrayal of homelessness conjured by Dawson’s evocative and startling lyrics.