Sophia Danai has always had a passion for theatre and acting, but especially in her younger days. She devoted so much of her time and energy to this avenue that it has always carried over into her music: her love and appreciation of storytelling is always evident, as each song manages to capture a unique and poignant moment. Musically, this became evident when Danai released her debut record, Wishing Well, back in 2013. Wishing Well was produced by multiple Grammy Award winner Chin Injeti, and features Canadian hip-hop stars Shad and Talib Kweli, as well ask guitar expert Mark Whitfield.

More recently, though, Danai released a new single “Come Thru” back in April via Billboard. That song, as Billboard states, took from inspiration from her failed marriage and the aftermath of it all. Today, we are pleased to bring you a new single from Danai, one that is just as reckoning and shows her releasing additional demons from her past.

The new single from Danai, “WYIL,” is another vulnerable piece of music from the personal artist. It’s hit home by her vocal performance which manages to be moody and soothing, while the message behind it all is forgiving yet being reflective. The music video — which you can watch below — was shot entirely on 16mm film and directed by Jordan Findlay, with cinematography done by Cole Graham (Daniel Ceasar, Her).

“WYIL” is one from Danai that manages to capture the loneliness and utter isolation thatch be a consequence of relationships. This is not a sentiment lost on her, as though Danai is aware that, ironically enough, those feelings are what connects all of us.

“It is a letter of compassion for those who are feeling isolated and alone in love. Sometimes we just love people; even when we shouldn’t, even when all the red flags are showing up. Unfortunately, for many people, this is how we learn. I was mistreating myself before I ended up in a relationship where I was mistreated. It was a true mirror for where I was at. As much as what happened wasn’t right or fair, it taught me so much about myself. The only way I have healed is by forgiving and accepting that we were only doing the best with what we had,” she explains.

Overall, “WYIL” is the third single released from Danai’s upcoming EP, Real Lies, which is expected to be released in March 2019.