Jamie Sierota is a name you may recognize.

Whether that’s due to the songwriter and producer’s time being the lead writer for Echosmith to his help on projects with Adam Lambert (on his latest track, “New Eyes,”) Bay Ledges and Quinn XCII; Sierota has been pretty busy over the past couple of years.

And while he decided to take a break from touring to write new music and help with other musicians’ production, he’s finally decided to come back into the spotlight. Which is where his new project, Meija, comes in.

Fast forward to today, Sierota has released a couple of songs under the moniker of Meija. The first being an electro-pop synth-driven dream of a track titled “I Already Said That I Love You” and the second was a dreamy new single dropped today: “Buttons.”

“Buttons,” much like the first release under the Meija name, is an upbeat electro-pop number that relies heavily on Sierota’s mellow delivery of the lyrics and the song’s bubbly backing instrumentals.

Of the new single, Sierota shared in a statement:

“The lyric, ‘I let you push all of my buttons’ came to me pretty quick but at first I wasn’t sure what it meant, but for some reason, it really connected with me. Over the course a couple weeks I kept working on the track. I kept being drawn to things that sounded ‘small.’ Toy pianos, shakers, an old 80’s Casio keyboard made for kids. I would record the ideas at my studio in East LA and then keep coming back to it.”

He continued on by saying:

“There was always something playful about track and lyrics; something refreshing about it not taking itself too seriously. Eventually, I had the idea of writing this sort of jaded love song. I’ve been in the same relationship for 8 years so was something that felt close to me.”

You can listen to Meija’s new single, “Buttons” below!

“Buttons” is set to serve as the lead single of the singer’s forthcoming EP and it’s now available to stream and purchase on all major music services. You can get your copy of it here!